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Last 70 Years ...

Based on the capabilities accumulated for last 70 years
We are creating a greater tomorrow!

Inheriting the brilliant history of the past 70 years, we are stepping forward to another 600 years of future. A university that challenges and changes over and over for race, humanity, region and country! Making a tomorrow for Yeungnam that is filled with passion and dreams.


  • 12. 31.
    Completed the construction of Chunma Arts Center in commemoration of 60th anniversary of university foundation
  • 12. 31.
    Designated as “Government Assigned Clinical Trials Center for Medical Devices” by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs
  • 11. 20.
    Completed the construction of 'Hyangtogwan', dormitory supported by the local governments
  • 08. 29.
    Government official approval of Law School
  • 08. 26.
    Completed the renovation of Yeongdeok Training Center
  • 08. 22.
    Selected for the Project of ‘Reinforcement of the Educational Capacity for the University Developing Excellent Human Resources’
  • 08. 21.
    Mr. Chang, Yun Ki inaugurated as the 16th Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
  • 06. 23.
    ‘Daegu·Gyeongbuk Regional Innovation Center for Solar Battery/Module Materials Processing’ was designated as the ‘2008 Regional Innovation Center Project’ by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
  • 04. 14.
    Established Institute of Bio-Energy and The Solar Energy Research Institute
  • 03. 19.
    Selected as ‘human resources nurturing project on automobile parts and material industry on demand’ of ‘2008 human resources nurturing project on regional industries on demand’
  • 02. 04.
    Approved as ‘preliminary university’ for the Law School by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources
  • 01. 30.
    Inaugurated ‘Global MBA’ in the Contract Department, Graduate School of Business Administration


  • 12. 17.
    Firstly established ‘Sejong Institute’ in China at Yangzhou University cooperated with the National Institute of the Korean Language
  • 11. 28.
    Concluded the MOU with the Ministry of Government Legislation
  • 10. 29.
    Inaugurated ‘Department of Social Welfare Administration’ in the Graduate School of Public Administration
  • 10. 25.
    Established the Academic Agreement with Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China
  • 07. 24.
    Opened academic major fields, Architectural Design at the School of Architecture; Mechanical System, Mechanical Design and Advanced Machinery at the School of Mechanical Engineering of College of Engineering
  • 05. 17.
    Established the Agreement on industry-university cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company
  • 04. 24.
    Designated as ‘Human Rights Education and Research University’ by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea
  • 04. 04.
    Concluded the Agreement on E-Learning Technology with Samsung Electronics
  • 03. 01.
    Reorganized the Department of Chinese Language & Literature in the College of Liberal Arts as an Independent School
  • 02. 12.
    Major of Electronic Engineering in the School of Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering and Computer Science was selected for the 'NEXT (Nurturing EXcellentengineers in information Technology) Project in 2007' by the Ministry of Communication & Information
  • 01. 15.
    Established the College of Fundamental Education and the School of Industry-Academy Education


  • 07. 02.
    Held 'the 38th International Chemistry Olympiad' (participation: approx. 270 students from 68 countries)
  • 06. 24.
    Opened the Regional Research Institute for Fiber & Fashion Materials and Architecture Research Institute
  • 04. 27.
    • The following groups selected for 'the Second Phase BK21 Project': two Project Groups (large-scale), Researcher
    • Training for Mechanical Parts Industry and High Level Manpower Training for Display Material Processes; and five Project Teams (small-scale), Researcher Training for Vital High Polymer Structural Dynamics, Manpower Training for Improved New Pharmacy Development & Effect Evaluation, Development of Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID), Manpower Training for Embedded Mobile Multimedia Communication and Researcher Education for Global Complex Trading Strategy
  • 03. 31.
    Selected for the 'Career Development Support Project for Female College Students in 2006' from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • 03. 01.
    • Established the school of China Business Studies
    • Established Departments of Cognitive Science and Korean Language Education as a Second Language for Master Degree Course and Departments of Early Children Education and Korean Language Education as a Second Language for Doctorial Degree Course at the Graduate School
  • 02. 23.
    Selected for the 'Expansion Project of Employment Support Function for a University in 2006' from the Ministry of Labor
  • 02. 20.
    Majors of Information & Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering in the School of Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering and Computer Science were selected for the 'NEXT (Nurturing EXcellent engineers in information Technology) Project' by the Ministry of Communication & Information
  • 02. 16.
    Recognized as the Most Excellent College of Pharmacy on the Academic Area Evaluation conducted in 2005 managed by the Korean Council of University Education
  • 01. 07.
    Mr. Kim, Dong Gun inaugurated as the 14th Chairperson of the Board of Trustees


  • 12. 13.
    Concluded a Cooperation Agreement with KT Linkus for ‘U-Campus Implementation Project’
  • 07. 14.
    Selected as the 'Daegu-Gyeongbuk Area University e-Learning Support Center’ by the Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development
  • 06. 03.
    Geriatiric Blood Vessel Disease Research Center selected as a Nurturing Project of the Fundamental Medical Science Research Center in 2005 by the Ministry of Science & Technology
  • 05. 20.
    Concluded the Interchange Agreement for Academy, Professors and Students with Kansai University in Japan
  • 05. 09.
    Gyeugbuk Hanwoo Cluster was selected as a Model Project Group for the Regional Agriculture Cluster Project by the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
  • 05. 06.
    Selected as the Central Operation Body of the "Regional Unification Education Center' by the Ministry of Unification
  • 04. 27.
    Established Dokdo Institute, the first such institute among all Korean universities
  • 03. 01.
    Dr. Tong Ki Woo inaugurated as the 12th President of the University
  • 03. 01.
    • Established a new Industry-Academy-Research Curricular at the Graduate School for Korea Dye Technology Research Institute and the Rural Development Administration
    • Established a Department of Nutrition Management for Master Degree Course at the Graduate School of Environment & Public Health Studies
  • 02. 25.
    Concluded the Interchange Agreement with Queen Mary, University of London in the United Kingdom
  • 02. 23.
    Completed Renovation of the Main Library
  • 02. 17.
    Recognized as one of the Excellent Colleges and Graduate Schools by the Comprehensive University Evaluation and awarded the Most Excellent Department of Mechanic Engineering on the Academic Area Evaluation in 2004 managed by the Korean Council of University Education
  • 02. 02.
    Opened the Regional Development Institute and the Research Institute of Regional Innovation