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YU and Valeo SA, a global automotive parts company in France, join hands for mutual cooperation N

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  • Date : 2024.04.24 09:53
  • Publication Date : 2024.04.18
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YU's SW-centered university business group signed a business agreement with Valeo SA

Plans to cooperate with Valeo SA on customized human resource training projects for industrial companies

Opened 'R&D Center' to create 'Campus Venture Town', a core strategy of Glocal University30

[April 18, 2024]


<YU has signed a business agreement with Valeo SA for mutual cooperation>

 YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) has entered into a business agreement for mutual cooperation with Valeo SA, a global company specializing in autonomous vehicle parts.

 The signing ceremony, held on the morning of the 18th at the LEE Si-won Global Convention Hall of Chunma Art Center, was attended by officials from both institutions, including LEE Gyeong-soo(Director of the Department of Industry-Academic Research) and PARK Yong-wan(Director of the SW-Centered University Business Group) as well as Stiv Smudja(Vice President of Valeo SA CDV (Comfort & Driving Assistance)) and KIM Min-kyu(President of Valeo Mobility Korea).

 Under this agreement, the both institutions have pledged to collaborate on initiatives such as ▲customized workforce training for industries ▲development and operation of industry-academia cooperation programs ▲strengthening networks for youth employment creation ▲and other projects requiring cooperation between the two institutions.

<From left, PARK Yong-wan(Director of the SW-Centered University Business Group), Stiv Smudja(Vice President of Valeo SA CDV)>

 LEE Gyeong-soo, Director of the Department of Industry-Academic Research, stated in his welcome address, "This is a meaningful occasion to begin nurturing talent in cutting-edge automotive technology with a globally renowned company boasting a 100-year history. It will be a crucial opportunity to establish and complete the value chain of local governments, universities, and corporations leading regional development."

PARK Yong-wan, Director of the SW-Centered University Business Group, expressed, "We are delighted to lay the groundwork for cultivating the region's foremost software talent to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution through this collaboration with Valeo SA.” He added, "YU's SW-Centered University Business Group will strive to strengthen software major education and expand software integration to train advanced talents needed by corporations."

 Valeo SA, founded in 1923 in France, is a global automotive parts company with over 170 manufacturing plants and 60 R&D centers in 29 countries worldwide, recording a global sales revenue of 32 trillion won last year. This collaboration between YU and Valeo is not new. Discussions have been ongoing since last year, involving executives and staff members, focusing on research and development, industry-academia collaboration, and human resource training in the future mobility industry. Educational programs such as electric vehicle-related club meetings and field trips have also been promoted. 

 In particular, this event coincides with the inauguration of Valeo Mobility Korea's inaugural R&D center in Korea, which will be established at YU as part of the creation of a 'campus venture town,' a core strategy of YU. This initiative aligns with YU's recent selection as a prospective designated university for the 'Glocal University 30' project, announced by the Ministry of Education.